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Awakening Virtue Consciousness

Life is a series of virtue lessons and is governed by the law of virtue balance. Individually, and collectively, we experience hardship when virtues are not practiced. 

The book 44 Virtues: A Guide for Global Transformation should make your journey in life easier and more rewarding.

This is not simply a book describing particular virtues. A technologically advanced planet such as ours requires an equally high level of virtue development to flourish, or perhaps even survive.


44 Virtues is a guide for achieving global virtue balance.

For some people, virtues have a religious connotation and suggest prudishness. This is not the true essence of virtues. Virtues are universally recognized qualities of good character. Virtues lead to success and happiness. One could say that the purpose of human life is to achieve a mastery of virtues. The book does not promote any particular religious point of view.

You can get an overview of the book by reviewing the Table of Contents tab or clicking the "Read sample" link on The book made the Judges' Short List for the 2013 IPPY Book Awards.

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