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  • Stephen Crilly

Character Education in Schools

The Sandy Hook tragedy is an indication of the need for change. Gun control is obviously one issue. Another that is rarely discussed is the need for effective character education programs in schools. Some character education programs have been tested and found to be ineffective. We are certainly not seeing the results in society that should be expected of a well-designed and widely distributed program.  


I am putting together a team to develop what I envision to be a very simple manual and companion video: 44 Traits of Good Character: A Guide for Parents and Teachers. The plan is that it will be a non-profit, making the guide available electronically on a donation basis. The hard copy version would be made available at cost.


If you believe you can assist with this project, please contact me. We will need those with skills in child development, writing, video production, distribution, organizing and fundraising. If you know anyone with expertise who might want to help, please refer them to this website.


The 44 Virtues book identifies character education as the key to a higher-virtue world. If an effective character education program had been in existence earlier, the Sandy Hook tragedy might have been averted. Good character education programs are a step toward solving many significant problems facing our planet. Now is the time to act. Please become active in this cause and hold the vision that it can be done.


Wishing you the best for the Holiday Season.



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